Their Secret

What’s Their Secret?

Millions of people complete their education with college degree(s). Only a very few make
it to the top of their fields. Why is that? What’s their secret? As you watch the Indiana
Super Achiever videos seek to discover what makes them different? Are they that much
different than you? Focus on their soft skills. It’s what makes the difference between 1 st
and 2 nd place.

1. How does their childhood compare to yours?
2. How did they handle challenges?
3. Did they ever think of giving up? (Some did!)
4. Did “Luck” play a big role in their success?
5. How important was/are the right kind of relationships to their success?
6. Did/do they get involved with other organizations in their communities?
7. How important is giving back to them today?
8. Did they seek out the mentors in their early years?
9. Did/do they have goals?
10. How many hats did they have to wear starting out?
11. How much value do they place on education?
12. What advice did each one share for people starting their careers?
13. What did you take away from their life stories that you can use to help you in your


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